Sungard Availability Services, Dell EMC, VMware and IT Games Club. A partnership to help the IT industry be fitter, faster, stronger and happier.

Sungard AS is proud to support a health in IT initiative, alongside Dell EMC and VMware.

A few words from Sungard AS:

Our IT profession, dedicated to screen time, architecture, development, coding, crisis management, board meetings and employees deserves to have more time for active lifestyles.

You have a tough job, in a challenging but rewarding career. You also need time to stay fit and healthy. You may not believe it, but IT people are the second most active profession, behind accountants. What a way to blow stereotypes out of the water. 

To celebrate this, Sungard AS, alongside other industry leaders are backing #healthinit. With the help of IT Games Club, a community that supports active lifestyles for IT people, supposed IT geeks that like to Run, Race, Ride or play Golf, this industry movement is in full swing.

Feel free to visit for further detail.Thanks, and keep on moving!

IT Games Club is supported by a growing number of global IT companies, and aims to bring sport and fitness to the forefront of the IT industry. Challenging and motivating the industry to get fitter and healthier. If you are a senior IT professional who would like motivation and free entry into events around the world, then join up today, membership is free (and always will be). As we grow, we will be opening up membership to a wider audience in the industry and across more sports and pastimes.