Here's a dead-simple runners' interval session that's an awesome way of adding strength and high intensity training into your everyday run. It's a HIIT session (High Intensity Interval Training) that'll give you a helluva a lot more bang for your buck.

The HIIT & Run Workout

  • Start your stopwatch and set off for an easy five minute jog to warm-up. 
  • At the five-minute mark stop and perform 20 squats then start running. 
  • Continue the same at the start of every minute on the minute for the next 12 minutes. That is: stop running, perform 20 more squats then start running.
  • After 12 intervals follow with a further five minutes of easy jogging to cool down. 

Top Tip

It doesn't have to just be squats, you can add any of your favourite bodyweight strength exercises or a mix of a few. If you're running off-road or near grassy section you can add other floor based exercises such as press-ups or sit-ups (check the pic for an example).