My road back to fitness...getting motivated

It is one thing to have the realization that you've let yourself go and another to translate that into action. It is easy to carry on leavering yourself up out of the sofa and tell yourself that you're going to sort yourself from tomorrow, before you know it a month of tomorrows has gone by and you still haven't started.

For me the key was starting small and manageable, as fitness is firstly about establishing a routine. This is made all the more easy in this day and age with the use of a smartphone. The first thing I did was download a High Intensity Interval Training App (HIIT). There are a lot out their available for all the different types of smartphones, go check them out and see what works for you. For me it was the Wahoo 7 minute workout app. No gear needed, just body weight exercises. Seven minutes is no time at all to go through some exercises in the morning and evening, it doesn't over stress you, you can do it in your own home, so no going to that gym and feeling intimidated by the all the super fit people there. As you progress you lengthen the work out by repeating it. Before you know it you're doing 20 or 30 minutes at a time.

For me this was the ideal starting point and I used this app for 3 months whilst also watching what I ate and keeping my calorie intake around 2000 per day. Overall, I have to say this only raised my fitness levels slightly and started to bring down my weight gradually. But the point was to instil a routine of exercise into my life so that I could move onto the next phase. Read more in my next post.

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