My road back to fitness, how far I've progressed...

In just over a month, my road back to fitness will have reached the end of it's first year. It's been a mix of good and bad, energetic days and down days along that road. There have been times where I felt like I could conquer a marathon and other days where I felt like I would be glad just to walk properly again. All that said, I've enjoyed every uplifting, gruelling moment of it all. 

It is at this point that I had a thought, well should say a moment where I actually stopped and thought. Like most people I find myself largely looking at where I am, and generally being a little disappointed, wondering where I could be doing better, why am I not running further, posting improved times. I guess that is partly my competitive nature, but it is also our natural tendancy to look at only what is in front of us at any one moment.

When I final stopped to think, I was minded of something my Physio had said about professional atheletes. They spend some time every day listening to and assessing their body, where any aches or pains may be, any possible areas of improvement etc., they cut out the distractions that often mask our own awareness and focus on themselves. With this in mind, I not only spend time doing this every week, I also take time to think back and assess where I was and how far I have actually come, from the completely changed way I walk down the street with a spring in my step, the ease with which I now rise from bed in the morning, my breathing and heart rate and lets not forget, that slight wobble of the belly I used to feel when I walked down the street. There are so many ways that my life has improved and sometimes in the desire for constant improvement I forget this. So please if you do one thing each week, take some time to remeber how being fit and health makes you feel, I guarantee it will help motivate you to continue.

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