A few months ago we published a call out to our members to find some interesting challenges to sponsor and follow over the next nine months or so.

We had a great response and had a heck of a job deciding on who to follow, so we ended up sponsoring three members on their different chosen goals. I think you'll agree they each  have an interesting and challenging year ahead with ups and downs a plenty, and you'll be able to follow them all on our Social feeds and their own. There will be weekly updates and videos to follow. We hope that in following their journys you will be inspired to take your own, and also realise that we all have good days and bad, but with shared experiences it helps us all along that road to your goal.

Our three members who have taken up The IT Games Club Challenge, Resilience Series (in association with Sungard AS), and their goals, are:

Simon Gerhardt - IT Operations Manager -  His challenge is to complete a 24 Hour Ultra Marathon in which he will attempt to run as far as he can in a 24hour period. No mean feat I'm sure you'll agree.

Mohamed Elmallah - Application Team Manager - His challenge is to get back into running and run a full marathon, looking to hit 5 hours and beat his previous time. A lot of hard training awaits to meet his goal.

Rob Loy - Head of Education at Grand Canyon University - He is looking to get back in shape after some time out of running and has entered the Disney Star Wars Half Marathon. All of us know the challenges involved in getting back into running and we will be with him every step of the way.

All three of our athletes are being kitted out and given coaching support, all the way along their journeys. As they progress they will be writing regular blog posts, posting updates to social media and putting video logs up for you to follow. We hope you get engaged and support them along the way and also get inspired, connect with and become involved with IT Games Club, we are here to help everyone involved with the club to achieve their own personal goals.

Watch the intro video here




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The IT Games Club Challenge, Resilience Series would not be possible without the support of Sungard Availability Services.

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IT Games Club is supported by a growing number of global IT companies, and aims to bring sport and fitness to the forefront of the IT industry. Challenging and motivating the industry to get fitter and healthier. If you are a senior IT professional who would like motivation and free entry into events around the world, then join up today, membership is free (and always will be). As we grow we will be opening up membership to a wider audience in the industry and across more sports and pastimes. www.itgames.club