Being active, fit and healthy isn't just about running, gym, bikes or swimming. And likewise, we have many reasons that motivate us to become more active. 

In our new series of videos we will be exploring the many and various inspirations our members have found to get more active, eat healthily and become fit. In this first video we find out how our children can be a strong motivational force in our lives, as we go football training with Sam and his young son Heath. 

If you have a story to tell about your health and fitness journey, why not connect to one of our team members and drop us a line at IT Games Club and maybe you'll feature in one of our videos.

Check out the first video.

IT Games Club is supported by a growing number of global IT companies, and aims to bring sport and fitness to the forefront of the IT industry. Challenging and motivating the industry to get fitter and healthier. If you are a senior IT professional who would like motivation and free entry into events around the world, then join up today, membership is free (and always will be). As we grow we will be opening up membership to a wider audience in the industry and across more sports and pastimes.