When we think of getting fit and healthy we are all to often guilty of thinking inside the box. Most of us will go join a gym or go for a run, often leading to a short lived or sporadic approach to fitness and healthy living. All to often we have conversations with members that they hate the gym and can't run, al fair comments. In answer we always say there are many ways to improve your fitness. Start easy, walking whenever you can rather than taking a car or bus. Then find something that suits you, it could be a rambling club, yoga, pilates, table tennis, rock climbing, the list is endless...

Recently, on one of the many health and fitness programmes on TV, they ran a trial to see which was more beneficial for fitness. Working out at a gym compared to the more sedate Tai Chi. They monitored two groups over a couple of months, running various health and fitness checks at the start and the end. Surprisingly the benefits of both routines came out pretty much the same. The conclusion being it's the partaking of some kind of physical activity and movement to increase the heart rate that is key to improving your levels of health and fitness.

Over the coming months we will be exploring a wider variety of health and fitness options than our core coverage of running, cycling, swimming etc. We want to encourage our members to go out and seek activities that motivate them, bring them into new communities and friendships, and help inspire them on their own personal journey.

Below we have added a short list of just a few examples of what you can do. We'll be covering some of them in more depth over the coming months. If you have a story you'd like to share, about an activity you think we should be covering, then drop us a line at hello@itgames.club



Tai Chi






Roller skating 




Play outside with your kids