The temperatures have dropped and if you are like me, you're not so keen on running in the cold weather.

Here are my 5 top tips : 


Warm your clothes – put on clothes off the radiator or out of the tumble dryer to warm your skin.


. Warm your body before heading out – warm your body under warm water or by doing high intensity exercises - burpees are my favourite or star jumps!


Layer Up – add lots of thin layers including close fitting skins to trap as much air as possible. Always wear gloves – running gloves can be teamed with normal thermal gloves to prevent hands getting cold. If you are prone to the cold, cover up with buffs and hats to keep every area of skin protected.


Getting cold on the run – take 5 and do some interval training to warm up your body. On cold days you may want to mix interval training into your routine to limit the amount of time outside and heat your body up quicker.


Post run cool down/warm up – drop to a jog or walk to cool down and when inside stretch in room temperature to warm the body slowly.