Did you know that May is National Walking month?

Perfect timing - the evenings are light, the weather is lovely, and there’s so much to see as the trees blossom and flowers bloom.

Walking is FANTASTIC exercise - massively under-rated if you ask me. Don’t think it’s “just walking”. Walking is great for cardiovascular (heart) health, for burning calories, for toning up your legs and bum, and for your mental health. It’s a wonderful stress buster, can help you sleep better, and helps you get fresh air and Vitamin D.

There are no downsides to walking more!

I’m going to set you a challenge - choose one of these 3 options for National Walking Month. Comment below with the one you commit to doing!

1) An extra 30 minute walk every day (lunchtime or evening)

2) One long walk a week (in addition to any walking you already do) - 90 minutes or more

3) Getting a walking challenge in the diary

How will you mark National Walking Month?