Here we are in the 3rd week of January… how are your resolutions going? If they’ve started to slip, or feel like an uphill struggle in this rainy cold weather (it's not very nice in the UK at the moment), let’s talk…

I think there is a MUCH better way than setting resolutions. Keep reading!


Let’s talk about lifestyle changes that you can start doing now, and which you’ll still be doing next January…and the January after that…and on and on!

We all - roughly speaking - want the same thing.


To feel BETTER


To feel more positive about our bodies.

There are a few solid habits that underpin ALL of our health, fitness, and body goals. And here’s how to do it.

Your Challenge This Week


Write down your three month goal (what do you want to achieve in 12 weeks?)

WHY do you want to achieve it?

How will you FEEL?

What will you be able to DO?


Write down 6 habits that will help you.

These could be:

  1. Go to bed by 10pm every night
  2. Drink 2 litres of water a day
  3. Stop taking my phone into the bedroom
  4. Walk 10,000 steps a day
  5. Go for a walk at lunchtime
  6. Make my lunch every morning
  7. Stop buying coffees and snacks from shops
  8. Plan healthy dinners for the week every Sunday
  9. Go for a long walk once per week
  10. Schedule in exercise/gym/PT sessions into my diary every week
  11. Try one new vegetable every week
  12. Cook one new recipe a week

#3 Pick ONE habit that you will commit to this week.

Just one

Commit to it!

That’s it!

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Transformation noun ~ IT: a mindset and cultural business change that is achieved with changes in workflow, business rules, automation and moving from a reactive, inflexible organization state to a proactive, flexible business that responds quickly to changing requirements. • Sport: a mindset, plus a selection of things you do daily to effect life changing transformation, achieved in combination with your resilience, recovery and production actions also covered.