Weight training has gone mainstream in recent years – and it’s about time! 

But there are still some people who think women shouldn’t lift weights, because it will make them too big and bulky, or that “muscle will turn to fat” in future!

As I have aged, I have included weight training into my regular weekly training schedule, mainly to ensure I : 

  • Stay strong
  • Am agile
  • Avoid injury (whilst training)
  • Am not “frail”

And weight training is GREAT for all of this!

So - here are 5 reasons to do some weight training!

#1 Bone density Weight training strengthens your bones which is important for us women as we get older. We lose bone density at a rapid rate! And lifting weights helps us offset that natural bone loss.

#2 Be strong! Lifting weights isn’t just about getting strong for those gym movements. It gets you strong for the important things in life: lifting little kids, moving furniture, putting heavy things away.

#3 Joint strength Weight training is actually good for your knees, hips, back and other joints. Lifting weights strengthens your joints, tendons, and connective tissue so you get less pain!

#4 Body size If more of your total weight is muscle mass (as opposed to fat mass), this means a healthier body. More muscle and less fat means you’ll be a smaller, trimmer, tighter shape as you get older.

#5 Burn more calories, ALL THE TIME! Weight training builds your metabolism so your own body becomes a calorie-burning machine, day and night. So keep lifting weights, and don’t let your metabolism “slow down” as you get older.